Sunday’s ” Storm “

Hello everyone, was one of the most popular sites at this sunday and as a result traffic was way too much, many of you certainly experience some downtimes since servers were overloaded.

We are working hard to implement some of the great futures suggested by users, we will keep you updated on that. Andrey and his team are doing great job!

Have a great week ahead!


11 Responses to “Sunday’s ” Storm “”

  1. Terry Legg Says:

    Since I’m a paying customer from your site, and have been unable to contact the site the entire day I am somewhat concerned. Do you have any idea when you’re going to be back up?

  2. Elias Says:

    Hello Terry,

    Site is overloaded, we are adding new servers so i think by tomorrow no more downtimes. Apologies for that.

    If for any reason u decide to cancel ur account just let me know, no problem.


  3. Ed Goodsmith Says:

    I’m using Hercules Uploader for my free account and i constantly get an error message when attempting an upload, is this due to the downtimes?

  4. Elias Says:

    Hello Ed,

    Yes you will all face some problems since we now do transfer data to the new servers, so please be patient.

    Things moved so fast for us and there was absolutely no time to prepare, but oh well, it does not work always the way we want it.

    Please be patient

  5. Ed Goodsmith Says:

    I can’t even log into my account, should i take my buisness elseware?

  6. Chaim Krause Says:

    I have been unable to log in to my free account since I signed up. Every time there is a DB error. The error message is printed on the screen showing my password. When I used the link to get a new password, the new password also cause me problems. I sent email asking for assistance. Despite the claim of 24 hour response times, I haven’t received an answer after that time has passed. Today, I again have the same problems. Today the website even errors when attempting to get it to send me yet another new password. I think I have seen enough. This service isn’t ready for prime time. I am going to take my business elsewhere. Contact me again in a few months when you have things working and then show me why I should believe that you have it all under control.

  7. DanTHEman Says:

    I gues you understand that the site is not as functional as you wish it to be, but you should know that:

    the signup is broken.

    I wanted to try your free service, but alas, that isn’t possible.

  8. Jai Says:

    I’ve been getting this message for the last few days when I try to log on:

    DB Error: unknown error SELECT * FROM storage_rds_users WHERE login = ‘myusername’ AND password = MD5(‘mypassword’)

    Hope this helps you fix the problem.

  9. Jakob Says:

    If Jai gets the above error message, you have a serious security issue.
    I hope you rewrite your login procedure.

    Let me know, if you want me to elaborate on this via e-mail.

    Regards Jakob

  10. Ray Solomon Says:

    I can help you with any scripting issues you may have. Please let me know.

  11. jahangir agha Says:

    I am trying for last 10 mints to upload a file only of 500 kb but it says ” access denied” is it also because of data tranfering from server to server? or any other reason?

    I wish you all the best to work very fast and effectively in the future when you will have completed all the process going on 🙂

    Good luck

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