Downloading files

Hello everyone,

As you realized we changed the way files are downloaded, now all files’ links direct to a landing page where u can then download your files.

We tested it but most of you do not like, hence we will stop it and files will soon be downloaded again as before, directly. Feel free to be sending us comments on any new features we add, that way we will all make the best online file storage out there.

As for the new features, they are almost completed and we hope by next week to be out, very very cool, be sure for that.

And something last, soon we prepare a contest with great prizes, you will all be notified for this as well.



3 Responses to “Downloading files”

  1. sadaf Says:


    For the downloading issue I just want to say one thing.

    I wanted to upload my files and get a “link” to a specific files which I want to share with my friends. So that I should Just give them the link and when they click it then my specified file should download.

    But unfortunately I didn’t find anything like this. And what I am doing now is moving mouse over the DOWNLOAD button and looking the address at the bottom of the browser and copying it on paper. Then sending that link to friends to download that file.

    I hope you are getting my point. Please now do something for that.


  2. sadaf Says:

    Hi again

    Sorry this option was already there, I didn’t see it actually.

  3. Hossein Nadjm Says:

    OrbitFiles is the Greatest World Wide Backup & Sharing Service
    I Love It

    Thanks you for Direct Download Link

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