Add ons


I hope everyone is doing just fine, as you can see, the new version of Hercules is out, bugs are fixed and now it runs faster, we also added 2 links, sign up and forgot password options.

Most importantly, you can now drag and drop files from left side of Hercules to your account.

Today we are also implementing our new pricing plans that will certainly make a huge impact in the market

– Platon remains free at 1Gig of space

– Apollo is the new one at 20Gigs for $10/year

– Zeus  upgrades to 50gigs for $20/year

As you can see prices are really low but this has been achieved due to our recent investment. Be patient as it will take couple of days for complete billing implementation. will be added as many of you asked that.

Those who have been billed at least 4 times already will automatically be upgraded to Zeus 50Gigs and montly billing will stop. The others who were billed twice or once, they will be upgraded to Apollo 20Gigs.
Something last, next week we will be sending out our newsletter, please mind that despite the fact some of you asked not to receive it, you will get it for the last time since now unsubscription will be automated.

Take care and we catch soon



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