Sing up issue restored

Sign up process works just finally fine :), we have completed billing implementation and we will soon send out information on how to get an Apollo or Zeus account, in short, you will sign up and once u log in, you must deposit funds to unfreeze your account, using either paypal or egold.

We will be posting more info at the FAQ section.

Any comments and suggestions are more than welcome.



24 Responses to “Sing up issue restored”

  1. Charlie Says:

    OK – the system lets me sign up fine, but doesn’t seem to be accepting my payment. Pay Pal shows that I paid, but when I log in it says “Welcome – Access Denied”. When I look at my account it shows a balance of -$10. Please help.


  2. Edward Says:

    Hi i paid with paypal 2 twice for your $20 plan paypal shows my payment as sent but you still say access denied.

    Please help me fix this i have sent tons of emails with not even 1 reply

  3. tstuds Says:

    This is a scam no one is reply to anything here

    If i dont get a reply i will contact paypal and tell them

  4. Charlie Says:

    I’m able to get in normally now – seems like a legit service to me.

  5. orbitfiles Says:

    Hello everyone,

    This is a new implementation so please be patient, bugs do appear but we fix them.

    Keep posting comments to ensure that everything is moving smoothly, it will help other users as well.

  6. t3322stc Says:

    I have paid $10, still has not promoted?

  7. me Says:

    How bout use a stinking credit card service for amex and visa? I would never sign up to anyone using pay pal. Just use CC’s, geese.

  8. quangduongxp Says:


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  14. Bill Says:

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  15. RenatyKiyLi Says:

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  16. anatol Says:

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  18. Britney Says:

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  24. Boy67 Says:

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