Hercules New Version

Hello everyone,

Hercules new version is up with all the bugs fixed 🙂 we also added the following

1. You can save your login data now

2. You can check the option to connect when u start up hercules

3. You can now upload a folder with right click

Feel free to download it and try it



8 Responses to “Hercules New Version”

  1. gomorrha Says:


  2. gomorrha Says:

    Oh and, if you REALLY want to improve your program, put in a resume function. That would be MORE than appreciated.

  3. Daniel Says:


    I found a problem — hercules will not upload a file or folder if it has a long name. For instance, many mp3 files are in the format of:

    artist name – song name.mp3

    When the file iname s too long you get db error.

  4. wooby Says:

    I seem to be getting db errors every time I try to upload something. And the appearance of Hercules is all screwed up with some of the words cut off. Are you certain this is the bug free version you’re offering for download on the website?

  5. Stephen Says:

    I agree – if this is the latest version, it is really screwed up. I cannot use it all!

  6. wooby Says:

    Hercules seems to be working much better now. It’s still got a few problems, but I’m happy to see that Orbitfiles is working on solving them. Thanks!

  7. wooby Says:

    Okay, I’m modifying my earlier comment, and not for the better. Although Hercules is not having as many Database errors, they are still happening.

    I also am having concerns about the speed of the uploads. Should it really be taking DAYS to upload folders (full of word docs, PDFs, excel files, etc.; NOT a lot of pictures or movies)?! I have a high-speed DSL connection that is quite fast with every other program. If you can’t fix this, could you PLEASE enable ftp for your paying customers.

    If you are going to insist on pushing Hercules, though, could you put out a set of instructions? Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t seem to find any difference between the “My Storage,” “My Backup” and the “Synchronize” functions. Is it not possible to simply synchronize my Orbitfiles files with their counterparts on my computer?

    If I have to spend days on end uploading single files everytime I want to update my backup, or instead keep track of every little file change I make myself, there is hardly any point to using your services.

    Thank you for your time.

  8. Niky Says:

    Where can I download new version of Hercules? Please link.. thank you very much!! A quite understand english. I am from Czech republick.

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