Server downtime

Hello everyone,

Septermber 1st, 2006 at 23:00 NEW YORK time, site will be down since we are moving to our new and upgraded 4TB servers. Expect 1 hour downtime.

Here is a time countdown

Septermber 1st, 23:00 New York time

September 2nd, 0400 am London

September 2nd , 1100 am Singapore

Regards and have a great day ahead


6 Responses to “Server downtime”

  1. Hossein Says:

    Thanks for the greatest online file sharing service
    I have a Q
    if I move a file to another folder on orbitfiles in my account does the download link change?

    please let me know

  2. Hossein Says:

    i was wondring if the downtime is over

    please tell us about hercule

  3. gomorrha Says:

    Yeah…I’m still planning to buy the 50gig plan, but I won’t until I can be sure that Hercules is actually able to upload something without getting errors left and right or until you enable ftp access.

  4. Hossein Says:

    that was the mistake i made

    i boutght the 20GB package too early
    actully making 20 free account was easy, but im sure its not allowed

    im suggesting for you to give the paid clients more features
    cuz most ppl make 50 free accounts or 20

    make the features like real hot linking “not semi” and please enable the FTP access, and if possible a stat tracks the bandwidth


  5. Joel Says:

    I’m not able to acces my account????

  6. Joel Says:

    I’m not able to access my account????

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