Server downtime

We are completing server upgrade at the moment, so please be patient as service is down.



41 Responses to “Server downtime”

  1. Surricani Says:

    How much time is needed to restore the service?

  2. mark J Says:

    need your files for myspace “culture player” , also when I open i get asked for a download of “application/x-httpd-php” instead of opening a web page!

    Please, it is 21:00 hours EDT 9-1-06

  3. Surricani Says:

    Where is gone the service?

    It’s still off-line! And I need some of the files…

  4. Alokeshwar Tiwary Says:

    Hi, how long is it going to take?

  5. Surricani Says:

    Why they don’t reply?

  6. Kobrafilms Says:

    Hi…. well i think that this page is down forever…


  7. orbitfiles Says:

    Hello everyone,

    First of all, everyone’s files are 100% secure and there is no reason to worry about that.

    Occasions like these do happen, there is no other way we can upgrade servers, there must be a downtime, we have added 22 new servers on our network.

    As for when the service will be up again, i will let everyone know in about 2 hours from now, since we are reaching almost the end of it.

    Feel free to leave ur comments

  8. ByteCode Says:

    you guys rockz!
    btw a question how do you manage to filfull the cost? i mean do you have any paid customers or what?

  9. mark j Says:

    upgrades like this should have been put into place with some form of mirroring of data during the transition. back up into a test environment of the new equipment while the old system is still in place, test the new system in an environment offline, when ready to roll over to the new system, just cross over to the new parallel system. easy as pie

  10. solly Says:

    sucks about the server
    i love this service so much that i don’t care about the downtime
    it’s cool
    good luck and thanks

  11. Alokeshwar Tiwary Says:

    No problem, I understand… Your service is excellent… I can wait for it…

  12. Micha Says:

    Why is it not possible to upload files by FTP?
    Your service is actually perfect – except this…
    (sorry for cross-posting)

    Your’s Micha

  13. Surricani Says:

    I’m agree with you.

    Why can’t we have FTP for transfer?

  14. Kelador Says:

    They have that hercules upload manager which is like ftp and works great when things are back try it

  15. Surricani Says:

    Sorry… You know what FTP is? Hercules is very distant to be like http://FTP….

  16. madmanator Says:


    Just wanted to say that your file holsting service is my prefered one, so keep up the good work, and i hope you ll be back up soon!

  17. Azure Says:

    I like your service too! Excellent!
    I’m willing to wait for your service back.
    Hope you will continue offering such a good file hosting service or even better!

  18. Daniel Says:

    I will have to cast my vote for ftp as well. Hercules does not work — it is very slow and 99% of my transfers fail with db errors. I hope I haven’t wasted my time and money on this.

  19. Hossein Says:

    why is erorr message come when uploading is 99%
    that sux
    wait for long hours then get erorr

    and FTP is waaay better

    i hope you do that

  20. animefaerieprincess Says:

    i hope you are almost finished with the update. because i can’t listen to my music on the culture player on my myspace profile.

  21. danny bot Says:

    its all cool take ur huyses time just aslong as its back up soon

  22. mark j Says:

    status check???????????????????????????????????????????

  23. leenux Says:

    yea having a ftp feature is great, im a paid user and have hard time uploading big file, always getting db error and such..

  24. michelle Says:

    It’s 8 sept already and they keep showing this (below) at my comments area.

    WordPress database error: [Can’t open file: ‘wp_comments.MYI’ (errno: 144)]
    SELECT comment_author, comment_author_url, MAX(comment_ID) as comment_ID FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_ID=’209′ AND comment_approved = ‘1’ GROUP BY comment_author, comment_author_url ORDER BY comment_ID DESC LIMIT 30

  25. Perry Blanchette Says:

    I love this setup The only thing is i agree it talke 2 days to do this LOL well if ya do get going there is another storage company for my space I like you guys though Good luck Perry

  26. Blue Says:


    Anybody there?!! You said 2 hours.. it’s been a day now.. Please tell us when can we expect the service to be back on-line

  27. Perry Blanchette Says:

    If your talking about my post idiot read with glasses i wrote 2 days

  28. Surricani Says:

    Idiot? Have you read this post

    >As for when the service will be up again, i will let everyone know in about 2 hours from now, since we are reaching almost the end of it.

    They told us 2 hours…

  29. Smily Says:

    Dont be so nervous 😉 I wish the staff luck and waiting for results 😉

  30. The Best Free Offers Says:

    Hope that Orbitfiles will get better and better …

  31. gotfoo Says:

    Too bad I am posting my Online File Storage article. If the service isn’t up soon I may have to remove Omnidrive from the list. 😦

  32. Juliosy Says:

    Che, tranquilos…. que este excelente servicio es GRATIS y muy bueno.. no tiene comparacion… asi que a esperar!

    Muchas Gracias OrbitFiles 🙂

  33. gaia Says:

    I don’t have access to my files yet…how long do I have to wait?

  34. Caes Says:

    Espero y deseo ke pronto se solucione, es el mejor servicio.
    Muchas gracias.

  35. Pissed Off Says:

    For God Sake, the list Orbitfiles could have done — kept us posted as to what is happening and when we should be expecting the service back!

    I have been reccomending the service to everyone I know — not anymore!

  36. Stian Says:

    That’s it for me. I’m looking for a new place to store my files. This is too unprofessional. Too bad because it seemed to be a good webpage.

  37. David Says:

    Well, I hope the problems can be sloved this time ’cause it made us so hard to use Orbitfiles sometimes.

    Best wishes to Orbitfiles

  38. Amin(IRAN) Says:

    Hey hi. Why it is down??come on.hurry up. I need it.thanks for ur servicing.bye

  39. Surricani Says:

    I’m bored… In about 2 hours, eh?

    Why don’t You tell us what’s happened? I’ve paid and I have the right to know…

  40. ByteCode Says:

    Very Bad support they even dont notify whats going on i think time to go to

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    Server downtime | Blog

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