” Business as usual “

Hello everyone,

Business as usuall at Orbitfiles.com 🙂 everything is in place. By the end of Monday, updates on Public file pages should also work fine.

As u also noticed Hercules functions faster now.

Now concerning the FTP access, we have started working on that, in a week from now we will have a better view on when we expect to have it done.

Once more thanks for being patient and so supportive.

Orbitfiles.com Team


92 Responses to “” Business as usual “”

  1. orbitfiles Says:


    Expect some minor errors for few more hours especially while uploading files, soon to be fine however.


  2. Confused, Scotland Says:

    Erm ….. is it just me or are others getting re-directed to the blog when trying to access the orbitfiles.com homepage?

  3. Alokeshwar Tiwary Says:

    Oh… thanx a lot.. I see its working fine and faster than before.. thanx

  4. Sreedevi Says:

    Oh lord what is this………finally i am able to login to my id but when i try to access any of my stored information it gives 404 error ………. will i loose all the information………nothing comes up though the names are showing up for the stored information.

  5. trannguyen Says:

    hixhix i try many times but it does not work, are there any link for me download lastest Hercules soft, thank a lot for help!!


  6. cycledad66 Says:

    Still can’t get anything to work. When I try to access file I get an error. Hercules isn’t working at all, just get an illegal action error.

  7. Mediasouth Says:

    OK. So you say it’s all up and working, yet I can still not access files. I can view a list of what they are, but cannot download or view the file itself. Don’t mind to much, just very frustating when you say it all works ok, yet it clearly doesn’t.

    Do you not check before you post????????

  8. Daniel Says:

    Seems like it is down again…

  9. sache Says:

    I can’t log in at all. I just keep getting redirected to the blog site. ?????

  10. influence Says:

    same here

  11. ivan Says:

    I can’t access my account and log in. You kept saying its ok and its not

  12. Surricani Says:

    Here all OK.

    The site works perfectly.

  13. SeemsOK Says:

    to those that say it’s not working, are you going here?

  14. Daniel Says:

    It is up again (DNS issues?) but you STILL cannot upload large files (30+ megs) — Hercules fails. So the site might as well be down for me.

  15. May Says:

    Yayyy!!!! My files are back! Just hope they keep like this 🙂 Thanx Orbitfiles team! Oh and in here I was able to log on http://www.orbitfiles.com – no problem at all.

  16. orbitfiles Says:


    it is local ISP issues, go to start > run > cmd

    type “ping orbitfiles.com” if it shows then your ISP caching is slow 😦 this is our old IP.

    If you go to http://www.dnsstuff.com/ and ping orbitfiles.com it shows our new and correct IP

    I guess you have nothing to do but wait.

    As for uploading, it is fixed now. If you come with any other problems for faster return email us at support@orbitfiles.com

    Orbitfiles.com team

  17. Irene Says:

    I am still having trouble to.
    All my files say error 404


  18. Hossein Says:

    downloades are as slow as hell

    please do something about it

  19. Daniel Says:

    Uploads are slow as well — that is, if they don’t fail.

  20. Hossein Says:

    my max download seep is 400 kb/s

    i get only 30 kb/s

    thats totally not what i paid for

  21. cycledad66 Says:

    I tried the ping orbitfilees.com and its still not working for me.

  22. Irene Says:

    Does anyone know how to contact them.
    Numer does not work and the email comes back to me ???????

  23. Confused, Scotland Says:

    Irene ~ you may like to try this e-mail, elias@orbitfiles.com

  24. David Says:

    How about the homepage? It is still terrible to see!

    By the way, it’s so good to see the Orbitfiles working on my computer!

  25. Mediasouth Says:

    Downloads ar failing, if they work at all. ANd speeds are appaling. 10mb can be ‘wizzed’ to your pc in just under an hour – isn’t modern technology the greatest??

  26. Daniel Says:

    Is it possible to get a refund? Definitely not what I paid for. Downloads are slow and uploads fail most of the time (and when they aren’t then they are terribly slow)

  27. Confused, Scotland Says:

    When exactly *is* normal service going to be resumed, please? The site’s been down for at least four days now.

  28. Toxic Says:

    yeah now i even cant login i want my money back!!!!!!!!

  29. dragon Says:

    me to i can’t login

  30. Mediasouth Says:

    What a worthwhile move, eh?

  31. May Says:

    Guys… my files were back to normal yesterday, but today they’re offline again :(…

  32. Daniel Says:

    email to support now bounces. I guess I will contact paypal for a refund.


  33. Nano Says:

    Yeah i think i have to open a dispute in my paypal

  34. cycledad66 Says:

    Is this ever going to be back up or should we go elsewhere

  35. SeemsOK Says:

    bah, you guys are like my 12-yr. old cousin. he’ll come up with something simply genius, but he’s only good for a few hours, and then he’s completely useless. on a positive note, at least this drama started a day after i tried this service, so i never set up to pay for any of this.

  36. Hossein Nadjm Says:

    I am not able to login my account after server upgrade?????????????


  37. x barbalone Says:

    yeah i cant login either
    im defo using the right login and password cos i checked with what it says on my activation email that ive still got
    hope this gets sorted soon

  38. Ves Says:

    Let’s see now.

    Web page is there. I managed to access it just fine about 5 hours ago. I uploaded three files, went to work, set up the links and sent them out, checked them and was happy they worked, then found out that they weren’t anymore.

    And now my login information isn’t recognised, my shared downloads page is empty and my attempt to get my password resent to me brings up a DB error (“unknown errorSELECT user_id FROM storage_members WHERE email ”

    Support have been emailed and are yet to get back to me, and now my files are completely inaccessible.

    Ping shows the more recent IP address, so please don’t tell me this has anything whatsoever to do with my IP caching being slow. It looks more like somebody’s corrupted the database. If you’ve not got a backup, you’ve some explaining and refunding to do.

    Please answer people’s emails, tell people what in the name of all that’s unholy is happening with the files they’ve entrusted to your site, and explain what about your service you think is worth paying for in its current incarnation?

  39. Confused, Scotland Says:

    Like someone else already said, bye bye Orbitfiles. I cannot afford to wait any longer to gain access to my files and must assume that all my hard work has been a waste of time and is now lost …. sigh.

  40. Hossein Says:

    Please Orbitfiles Staff, Please correct this.

    I still belive that its a matter of time that your service will get stabled.

  41. Perry Blanchette Says:

    some are playing some people not cannot login whats the deal now

  42. Hags888 Says:

    I also can’t login with my old account information. With the move to the new servers was all the old information lost somehow? The website appears to be normal, but all of my old links to my files send me to a strange orbitfiles page I’ve never seen before. As I had a free account anyway, I have no problem with re-signing up and re-uploading my files (as much as this would be a PAIN …). Please advise…

  43. Surricani Says:

    I’m a paying member. This morning the service were ok. This afternoon I can’t login.

    What’s happened?

  44. May Says:

    That’s a real pitty, I lost almost all of my files… Just hope the Orbit files team fix this soon!

  45. somebody angry Says:

    THIS SHIT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ORBITFILES CAN KISS MY ASS!

  46. Angry Says:

    I just logged in and ALL MY FILES ARE GONE!!!


    WHERE ARE MY FILES!!!!?????

  47. Irene Says:

    Thank You Confused, Scotland
    for your help 🙂

    I will email them.

  48. Irene Says:

    email did not work.
    what a waste of hard work.
    inform people what is going on and stand by your word

  49. Hossein Says:

    files are bak

    but the download and uploading speed is slow

    please do something about it

  50. some one Says:

    oh i really happy to see homepage and down load from orbitfiles.com upload and download work fine >>> i can download 2k/1 seccccccccccccccccc what is happen???

  51. MD1 Says:

    The day after I pay $20, it all goes away.
    I realize that shit happens, but 5 days is out of hand.
    We all need our files!!

    Keeping us informed would go a looong way, guys.

    Just what is the problem this time? And don’t say it is us, we haven’t moved or changed anything.

    I have a site that relies on these files, and I’m sure others do too.

    Come on, either fix it or give us all refunds. Personally, I would rather you fixed it!

  52. x barbalone Says:

    ok i can log in and get my files now- thanks

  53. Surricani Says:

    I confirm. Now it’s all ok (seems…).

  54. Mediasouth Says:


    Please correct this

  55. Surricani Says:

    I have a suggest.

    Why don’t you implement in addiction to ftp, the possibility to use the Reget with http, insted of re-download from the beginnig?

  56. Hags888 Says:

    Whew! I was able to login today and all my files are intact and I was able to download them all from my websites. Congrats. The site seems to run a bit slower than it used to though…but I’m glad nothing was lost!

  57. Daniel Says:

    I just wanted to say that the people behind orbitfils do understand their customers. They refunded my money today (I opened a dispute with paypal). I will definitely rejoin if and when the bugs are worked out (I really hope they do).

  58. gomorrha Says:

    I hope things get fixed soon…I was planning to buy the $20 plan, but I guess I’ll wait some more.
    The uploads are really slow right now ( 25kb/s ) and the download speed is a joke. ( 13kb/s )
    Really hope you can fix this soon.

  59. Hossein Says:

    download speed is very slow
    as well as the upload speed

    please fix this, everything else is fine

  60. Surricani Says:

    Hey. I have a problem to write an email to support@orbitfiles.com.

    Remote MTA orbitfiles.com: SMTP diagnostic: 553 sorry, that domain isn’t in my list of allowed rcpthosts (#5.7.1)

    Someone could try, please?

  61. Mediasouth Says:

    Helloooooo…….. is anybody out thereeeeee???

    Orbit files staff – are you still around??!!

    The last blog you have submitted says business as usual, clearly it isn’t! Unless you plan to offer speeds up to 15kb/s?

    Your email doesn’t work, you don’t seem to be replying to anyones comments, nor has the service improved at all over the last few days.

    A message stating simply:
    ‘We are working on the speed issues and are trying our hardest to change this’

    Just be nice to know that you know about this problem and are sorting it. As it stands, it seems to be that you think everything is peachy.

  62. Bob Says:

    BUG: Mail to support@orbitfiles.com is bouncing:

    Remote MTA orbitfiles.com: SMTP diagnostic: 553 sorry, that domain isn’t in my list of allowed rcpthosts (#5.7.1)

  63. Bob Says:

    BUG: There is no public place to post bug reports and solutions

    … except as a response to a blog post. Who knows whether this will ever be read?

    I realize that some problems will involve personal information that should not be made public (i.e. passwords, real names, email addresses, payment info, etc.), but a public bug database would be a big help to customers.

  64. Bob Says:

    BUG: Orbitfiles.com is not keeping customers informed

    … about current problems, expected time to solution, and priorities

    Just read this thread. You have a lot of unhappy customers at the moment. How many customers don’t read this blog, don’t post to this blog, don’t even know this blog exists?

  65. Bob Says:

    BUG: cannot delete published files

    User ID = rpyron666

    I posted and published a bunch of files before the orbitfiles upgrade. I then realized the files needed more work, and tried to delete them.

    Now the files are no longer visible from “My Storage”, but they are still visible on my public download page:

    When I upload new versions of these files, both versions are visible on the download page, but there is no way to distinguish between them.

    I want to start over, so I deleted all files in “My Storage”, which now shows two folders with 0 bytes each — exactly as I intended. However, I also see “Total space used: 1.34 Gb”, and about 70 files in my download page.

    I would like to get rid of these extraneous old files before I upload the latest versions, but “My Storage” cannot access them.

  66. Bob Says:

    BUG: No directory structure available on download page

    I have my files organized into folders, for my convenience and for that of my friends I want to share files with. However, the download page presents everything as a flat folder. If files from two or more folders have the same name, they all show on the download page with the same name, and no indication of where they belong.

  67. Bob Says:

    BUG: Filenames with spaces do not download correctly in Firefox

    Download “19740618 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.zip” using Firefox, and the resulting file is named “19740618”; the name is truncated at the first space, and even the extension is missing.

    Downloads work correctly in Internet Explorer, but I can’t tell my friends they have to use IE; they wouldn’t be my friends any more 🙂

  68. Bob Says:

    BUG: Need “Select All” and Select None” buttons in My Storage

    Selecting over 300 files by clicking one checkbox at a time is really annoying.

  69. wooby Says:

    We want to upload and download our files at reasonable speed. We want to use an actually functional Hercules or some other method so we can transfer more than one file at a time and update new and modified files without having to resend everything all over again again. We want to logon to access our stuff whenever we need it, not whenver Orbitfiles happens to be up and running. In other words, we want you to deliver the services you promised and so readily took our hard-earned money as payment for.

    Now, either you do this by September 18 or you give me my $20 back. No ifs, ands or buts. And for crying out loud, enough with the fake blog praise. It’s embarassing us all.

  70. wooby Says:

    Actually, after reading more of this blog, I’ve changed my mind. Thank you but not thanks, Orbitfiles, GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!!!

  71. Daniel Says:

    I did get a refund. I opened up a dispute with paypal – I got the refund in one day.

  72. wooby Says:

    Thanks for the advice, Daniel. I’ve just opened up a dispute with PayPal as well. I hope that Orbitfiles is good enough to refund my money as they did yours. Like you, I will consider returning as a paying customer if and when they work out the bugs…so long as Orbitfiles does the right thing now by giving my money back.

  73. Irene Says:

    I am still having trouble
    what is going on after weeks

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