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Hello everyone, hope u are all doing fine

We have been quiet the last 3 days or so, but nope we were not sleeping, but working :). Most of our emails were not functioning the last 3 days, we completed a mail server upgrade as well and now everything works fine.

As for the updates, as u can now see, Public pages work fine, u can allow to publish all ur files or select only those which u set as ” share ”  ( sharing box checked ). RSS option at users’ pages coming soon, so ur viewers can be notified once u upload new files.

Second feature added is the Search option , there is a ” search files ” navigation option at the footer but we will have a search box added at the home page. You can search of course only files that are set as ” Public ” by users as well as users.

Now as for the FTP, we have started working on it and is going well, we have added 2 more people in the team headed by Andrei ( Chief Developer )

Also, expect a ” resume download ” option coming in the next 2 days or so, you asked for it and you are getting it 🙂

Regards and have a great day ahead


20 Responses to “Latest updates”

  1. Hossein Says:

    your the best orbitfiles
    really unbeatable price and very cheap
    but, i suggest that you take off free accounts.
    so paid accounts can get more speed.
    right now the speed is low, and its because people making multiple accounts and abusing the service.
    either make it smaller or just delete it.


  2. Hossein Says:

    nvm that comment

    thanks everything is PERFECT

    thank you all
    and for the FTP aswell

    i get 350 k/ps


  3. Surricani Says:

    I agree. Orbitfiles is great!!!!

  4. Surricani Says:

    Resume is very useful…. Thanks.

  5. Surricani Says:

    I think, is useful in the “My account” to know when the payment is done and when will expire.

    Also have a forewarn to have the time to pay.

    In addiction, is possible an extension of 1 week to the year because your upgrade??

  6. May Says:

    Thanx Orbit files, all my files are back to normal and I can log in again!! Well Hossein I don’t think it would be fair to end up free accounts just to make paid accounts faster! Not everybody can spend money like u and I most of Orbit files members got free accounts.

  7. May Says:

    Uops! Wrong writting, hehe.. I meant “Not everybody can spend money like u and most of Orbit files members got free accounts”.

  8. Surricani Says:

    I agree with Hossein….

    The account is only 10$. Is very cheap. And everybody can make it.

  9. Hossein Says:

    is hercule functional yet?
    and when will the FTP be on

  10. Frank Says:

    Uptime is an important factor to any internet service whether paid or free. Orbitfiles’ uptime is terrible. I just got DB error after your long-time server migration and maintence, whatever. When is the last time that orbitfiles functions normally for A WHOLE MONTH? Or at least having a 99.5% or higher uptime? Orbitfiles is not that good until you can have a good uptime!

  11. Kansas Says:

    What’s going on with orbitfiles? All I get is “page cannot be displayed” when I go to their site, it’s been like that all day.

  12. Hossein Nadjm Says:

    Always The Best Always The First

  13. Persian Bloggers Says:

    if You Remove Free Accounts Orbitfiles could not get the Name “Best Backup Service” because everyone is not able to pay for orbitfiles account they who are not able like to upgrade accounts but they are not able someones who live in IRAN or othercountries who has Terrorist Regime like ISLAMIC REPUBLIC

    Please Let Everyone Enjoy Orbitfiles

    We Love Orbitfiles in IRAN but We Are Not Able to Pay for It

    Persian Bloggers

  14. Hossein Says:

    what do you mean cannot pay

    if you want good service, then just pay.

    10$ is nothing compared to 50$ a month with other sites

  15. Surricani Says:

    10$ for a year… Lower than this?

  16. Frank Says:

    A service with such kind of uptime is the best? WHAT A JOKE! No matter how fast how convenient how cheap(or even free) it is, an UNRELIABLE service is USELESS! Not to mention the best!

  17. Surricani Says:

    Hey, Orbitfiles… what about http resume and FTP status?

  18. Online Mechanical Engineer Says:

    A New Idea for

    Let Unsubscribed Users Upload a File to A Subscribed User Just When Enter Username & Temporarly Password Which Users Selected

  19. Azure Says:

    Thanks for your new search feature.
    Can you add another type in addtion to ‘publlic’ and ‘private’ so that files are downloadable but not searchable?
    Sometimes we want to share to restricted group only.

  20. felipe alvarez Says:

    1) We need FTP access!
    2) I get authentication errors when connected to because it expects . This bug is really annoying.
    3) Orbitfiles – keep up the good work.
    4) EVERYBODY continue to click google ads to keep their low-cost services low-cost.


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