Video Promotion at

Hello everyone,

Lets make things a little cool , who ever wants can make a custom 2-3 min video about that will be posted at, it needs to be creative and unique. Deadline for submission is Oct. 5th. Once your video is posted at , you will get $3 for every 1000 views.

Please submit links to ur uploaded videos at

Good luck!


45 Responses to “Video Promotion at”

  1. Frank Says:

    Today your website become extreme slow, taking me alomost a minute to login. Other operations are also very slow, and DB errors hapended again, files can\’t be download due to timeout. What should we say to others about orbitfiles? A service that is certainly cheap and fast, but you will get errors every three or five days and unexpected down time every month? You should concentrate on improving your service quality first instead of attracting more innocent people to further downgrade your service! I can\’t convince my friends or even myself to pay for services of such level ! Hope you can be better.

  2. DroN Says:

    Dear Frank. It is nice that you show interest in this project, but I cant understand why you spend your time to get many negative emotions till login, download etc and then write comments with antiads under each blog’s post.. May be it is a better for you to get and pay for really cool superb file hosting with incredible downloading speed, many advertisements on each pages, interesting popups etc… ? For me orbitfiles with it 320 kb/s download speed is much better than ####.

  3. Daniel Says:

    I have to agree with Frank. Orbitfiles didn’t work for me. I had to get a refund. Tons of db errors and it was always very very slow. I keep checking back because I want it to work — it has a lot of potential. But I don’t think promotion is a good idea until the problems are fixed. If not, there are going to be a lot of unhappy people.

  4. Sal Says:

    Hi guys! I know it can be very frustrating not being able to log in or download things at a faster speed, etc. I can see that Orbitfiles are doing their very best to keep things working for us. Besides, we all know that nothing is for free in this world. But Orbitfiles proved otherwise. They even go to the extent of providing us with both free & cheap services to suit everyone’s needs & budget. Let’s give them some time. I’ve got confident that they will not disappoint us;)

  5. Hossein Says:

    Please add FTP feature
    or tell us when is it going to be fully functional

  6. DroN Says:

    Hello guys. I am chief developer. As Sal sad, nothing is for free, we would glad to break this axiom but we cant :(. Today server got almost down under users “attack”. We have to add limitation for amounts of downloading for guests and free accounts. We are sorry, but hope it is better for you and should be ok for premium members (we know they want to remove free access at all 🙂 . So you still can download you own files without any limitation.
    About ftp , we are working on it, it is not so easy to integrate. Thanks for patience.

  7. DroN Says:

    BTW speed is much better now. Khow do you think?

  8. thomas Says:

    I am currently using your free service but would definitely consider upgrading to a paid plan if you can resolve the performance and stability issues. It is much of a pain to be not able to log in to your own account when urgently necessary or finding out that an upload process via Hercules hangs and finally fails after 2 hours of uploading etc.
    Keep up the improvements! Thanks!

  9. Hossein Says:

    im very dissapointed
    atleast run a servey
    the limitation is not ok at all, thats why i paid for the service, please take off the limitations, just delete free acounts thats it

    ask us premium users first before doing anything you “think” would be good, run a servey
    and take off the limit plz

  10. DroN Says:

    If you are premium user, you never see limitation! Check you account for sure which plan you use. And give any proof of your words (screenshot with limit warning).

  11. Azure Says:

    Does the limit go with downlowder or with file owner? Can Premium user’s files be cownloaded by everyone without limit? Can Premium user download anyone’s files without limit?

  12. Hossein Says:

    i dont have limits but i dont want limits for my forums users that i provide the files too, plz re-consider that option, or plz make the limit waiting time a lil shorter or tell how much time to wait

  13. Hossein Says:

    ok ok
    its ok with me now

    limit is ok as long as it stays lil short

  14. Hags888 Says:

    Great….limitations on free accounts. Way to go Orbitfiles…you just lost yourself another customer. This service was outstanding back in June, what the hell happened? It’s turned into a lame, unreliable file hosting site like all the others. I can no longer reccommend this site.

  15. Hags888 Says:

    P.S. Why weren’t customers notified of these limitations via email? That’s the least you could have done… Burying that information in a reply to this unrelated topic was real professional. 😐 *shaking head*

  16. Hossein Says:

    *shaking head* this is a very big dissapointment

  17. dbrevolution Says:

    Well Orbit Files definatly didn’t work for me.. I got my refund though.. too many errors and literally took up to one day for about 3 files (32mb each).. Awful!! and i see these limitations coming up now.. definatly stay away from orbitfiles!!

  18. Irene Says:

    I still cannot get into my files.
    WHY would I want to pay for a service that does not work.
    I am very disappointed 😦

  19. Surricani Says:

    How can I ask fot a refund?

  20. DroN Says:

    Hossein, you sad about kill all free users early and now you say “i dont want limits for my forums users that i provide the files too”. And where is logic in your words?

  21. DroN Says:

    Ok, I get it. Anybody who download files from your premium account should not see limitation warning, right?

  22. Natasha Says:

    Dron, I’m glad that Orbit Files came up with the limitations on free accounts. As one of your paid customer, I feel that it is rather unfair if both free & paid users get the same priviledges. I have used other storage sites before and trust me guys, they cost more than what Orbit Files has to offer. I remembered having to pay like US$50 per year for one of these sites. Anyway guys, what is US$10 or US$20 per year for a better priviledges? It’s dirt cheap.

  23. Natasha Says:

    One more thing, Dron, I think you may want to consider the comments given by users on free account on notifying them of the limitations. Instead of sending a mass email to the users, how about newletters. You can also include the text in your website & under your terms and condition when new users signed up for free accounts.

  24. Hossein Says:

    yep yep Dron that is what im saying, i dont use much bandwidth too tho

  25. Hossein Says:

    only some senoir members that have my premission get the files

  26. mens Says:

    DroN Says:

    October 2nd, 2006 at 8:53 am
    Ok, I get it. Anybody who download files from your premium account should not see limitation warning, right?

    That should be great 🙂

  27. DroN Says:

    Ok, we will take care about all this features. Thanks for patience!

  28. globe7 Says:

    here is what everyone is trying to say

    Download from free accounts, = Download limit
    Download from premuim accounts, = No Download limit
    This Means = More Premium Features, More Premium Account = More money for you guys = Happy Premium Users

    in that case, this site is awesome

  29. Hossein Says:

    here is what everyone is trying to say

    Download from free accounts, = Download limit
    Download from premuim accounts, = No Download limit
    This Means = More Premium Features, More Premium Account = More money for you guys = Happy Premium Users

    in that case, this site is awesome

  30. Sin Says:

    I don´t understand i had direct links to my files now i´m a paying member and the links are not going direct and have to pass for the orbitfiles… whats going on? i don´t understand

  31. Hossein Says:

    it seems that this is just getting worst, plz remove that,
    we want direct links not like that,

  32. Hossein Says:

    and plz dont make a stupid reason like the “attack users” becuase that just doesnt make sense

  33. Hossein Says:

    and what are you guys working on?
    FTP and taking limit off?

    well i dont think so

    it is as bright as sun that you are thinking about ways to make this host even shittier

  34. DroN Says:

    Thanks mister Hossein 🙂 Do you read label in a title? “File storage, backup and sharing”. No “hosting” word there. There are no any limitations for paid users, no any “indirect” links or warning messages.

  35. Hossein Says:


    impossible let me check

  36. Hossein Says:

    im paid member, when my forum’ members want to download files from my paid account, they see limit and they dont have direct link, plz fix that, my account is paid and i still get indirect link with limit

  37. Hossein Says:

    never mind all my posts (what was i thinking?)

    anyways, im ok with this, and plz make ftp, im still wating for that

  38. Kay Says:

    I cant get my songs to play and Ive done everything u suggest on your demo… I cant get ahold of anyone to help me

  39. Sin Says:

    I´m a paying member my username is sindamc and my users don´t have any direct link whats going on i´ve sent u an email and i still don´t have direct links if everybody has it i think i should have it too plz correct that.

  40. Sin Says:

    I still don´t have direct download and when 20 users are downloading it doesn´t let more users download i don´t understand i payed for a service and now i have another completely different service :S i wanted how it was with direct links direct downloads thats the only thing i ask i don´t care with the another problems i don´t care with ftp i just want direct links

  41. ayul Says:

    Can I streaming mp3 fies from orbitfiles as it use to be before. Thank you in advance.

  42. franz Says:

    The only free file hosting that is VERY RELIABLE without ERROR that i know and im using right now is or

  43. Thomas Says:

    What about the ftp upload feature? I think it would be very much appreciated.

  44. ByteCode Says:

    i know ftp is good but that will make orbitfiles very in secure nowdays orbitfiles is running smooth and well i hope it goes like this


    HAI, we have started SE.Q.SERVICES to serve rural and urban people in all over india,orbitfiles isgiving very good oppartunity to us for developing our services and also sending the messages to our field force.Thanking very much to ORBITFILES.COM

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