Hello everyone,

Good news 🙂 first of all, new Hercules will be out in couple of days, with all bugs fixed and much more stable. We have also re structured the way site functions and now 90% runs on Ajax, more flexible, more user friendly and faster.

The functions, edit, delete, zip, and move to folders, will now appear once u check a file.

As for speed, downloading speed is really fast, but uploading is a little slow, this is true, we believe that with Ajax technology implemented things will change, just be patient.

Feel free to comment….



7 Responses to “Updates”

  1. J. K. Strauss Says:

    I have been distributing a weekly audio lecture by publishing it on orbitfiles. Until now I would e-mail the link, and everything worked out. However, now, when the link is followed, instead of getting the download dialog box the orbitsfile.com page is displayed with the name of the file. It also says download, but when you click on it it comes back to the same page. Interestingly, when I log in and click on the file from my own folder everything works.

    What should I do?

  2. Sue Says:

    I am having a problem ever since you did your folder upgrade (which I love by the way).

    Everytime, for the last week, that I try to upload something, the page turns gray(!) and nothing uploads. Please help!


  3. Sue Says:


    I love this site, but it sure gives mr grief!!!!


  4. DroN Says:

    2 Sue.
    Don’t worry. It is normal! Do you turn image loading off?
    It shoul be “busy” bar on that gray screen. Screen appears for prevent user’s clicks while files is being uploading. We plans to implement progress bar with percents in future.
    2 J. K. Strauss.
    This is downloading limitations. Now if some user try to get your files (i.e. not own file ) he should be premium user to get file without any limitations. If he not premium then landing page appears and if server is overloaded he should wait sometime. We plan to implement some options for premium user so they will be able to grant unlimit access to their files for downloaders

  5. Sue Says:

    Everything is working great now. Thanks!

    But I have a question. If I go to my site and click a download link. The page like J.K. Strauss described comes up, thats all fine. Except next to the “download file” is the sign in with my user name and password as ****
    Am I the only one who can see that, or can the visitors to my site also see it and click on it to enter? 😦
    I sure hope I am the only one.

  6. Tatiana L. Says:

    I understand server overloads and all that jazz, but this is too much. For the past two days *no one* has been able to download anything from me, the problem J. K. Strauss described *always* happens. And sharing my files is crucial. That’s why I got an account (a paid one at that), for the ability to host AND share my files.

    “We plan to implement some options for premium user so they will be able to grant unlimit access to their files for downloaders”

    Please do, and fast.

  7. Tatiana L. Says:

    I just got your reply to my email in my mailbox, thanks. So it’s a bug that’s causing the server overloads, and this is not to be normally expected even for people with free accounts?

    I still hope you’ll grant unlimited access to premium users’ files, that’ll be great.

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