Download problem fixed

Hello everyone,

There was a little bug that made downloading hard, bug has been fixed and now everything works fine.



2 Responses to “Download problem fixed”

  1. Sue Says:

    Sorry, but it is not fixed!
    Once again, the download links do not work. This is really hurting my site. If I click on a link, the little DL box comes up, then when I click on that, it says DL complete, but when I open it, it says there is an error, NOTHING is actually downloading. This has been going happening off and on even since you were down for that week a while ago.

  2. Simon Girty Says:

    I am having a problem downloading. When I downloaded a couple of files last week I had no problem. But since yesterday, when I try to download any file, it tells me it has downloaded the file onto my harddrive about 5 seconds after I did it. Then when I try to open the file, it says that it is corrupted. Is this the same problem that this site had a while back? Please let me know.

    Thanks. Simon G.

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