API and service update

Hello everyone,

We have some great news, API plug in is now ready 🙂 and you can have access to your Orbitfiles account through your account.

You will find the button at all pages, at the left side down. Comments and suggestions are more than welcome

Furthermore, as you all noticed bandwidth starts counting now, we will update ” Features ” table as soon as all features are fully updated. All plans include unlimited owned file download, we searched alot and it was hard to find similar offer anywhere else 🙂 only users get this. Actual bandwidth counts only for traffic coming from shared files and bandwidth you can use to download other users’ files. Plato will not have any bandwidth available but this means that you may have some limitations on viewing files, you can still share files as before.

Since many of you asked for traffic allowing your files’s visitors to view your files without any limitations, we will introduce a new plan ” Buy traffic ” , with this you can purchase bandwidth and all your files’ visitors will view your files without any limitations.

All small files now open on browser and very soon video and audio files will open on browser as well, we are working on that.

The only issue slowing down is the FTP uploading, but we are confident it will be out soon.

You all have a great day ahead and feel free to comment on anything concerning, good or bad 🙂


8 Responses to “ API and service update”

  1. ~T. Says:

    Hi guys, there seems to be a problem with the downloads – they’re being interrupted before the whole file is downloaded.

  2. Sue Says:

    I am having the same problem 😦

  3. DroN Says:

    Do you use donwloading client that support resume? Anyway let us know what program you use for donwloading.

  4. Nomad Says:

    Same here!!!!

    In most cases download stops at 480k … and u get the file with no “ending” (dontknow the word for; .txt, .doc, mp3 …so on)

    I tried from Firefof and from Internet Explorer… same result…
    but !
    Sometimes it works! I got the whole file, but I cant see the patern… its lets say 1 in 10 trys…

    only explanation I have is that u have to much traffic …

    so, do u have your own explanation?

  5. Sue Says:

    I get a box that comes up EVERYTIME! that says ‘unexpected end of archive.’
    It happens with zipped files and with RAR files. In Firefox and IE. It makes no difference.
    I have had nothing but trouble since you guys upgraded. You are killing my site 😦

  6. ~T. Says:

    You have to fix this soon, this is hell for people who need to share their files.

  7. Michelle Says:

    There are problems with the downloads. Can you please fix it…SOON?

  8. ~T. Says:

    Ok, I thought the problem was fixed but it’s happening again.

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