Happy new Year with new exciting features!

Happy new year everyone,

Orbitfiles.com closed its first year with some good and promising stats:

Users: 76850  uploaded files: 828850  unique visitors: 585000/month and 12 servers of data

We want to keep you updated on some new features that have been released:

1. Tags and file description – You can now tag all yours files and also write a short description on the files you upload. Very soon we will enable tag searching for public files. You can organize your public files based on tags.

2. Upload your profile photo – Go to ” My account ” and select a photo that you want to appear at your public profile. You must upload your photo first on your storage and then you can select it. Confirm changes with your existing password.

3. View public files on thumbnail format – Great feature for showing your photos.

Very soon you will be able to do way more things than just storing your files, so just be patient.

This week we will be completing the new mysql servers integration and all problems related to downloading files will be solved.

Just to give u a overview of what we plan to do in the near future, there will be additional features coming for your public files pages, such as RSS, leaving comments, etc…



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