Service restored

Hello everyone,

We completed fixing all errors on the service due to IP change and all. We now run from our own private 30 server datacenter šŸ™‚

We had to slow down some releases, such as Hercules new version which will be very much improved. This will come up this coming week.

If you come across any errors please let us know


Orbitfiles Team


6 Responses to “Service restored”

  1. Sue Says:

    When I put zip files on Orbitfiles, they upload just fine. But when they are downloaded they are corrupt and will not open. The things is, they USED to open as either zip or rar files, now suddenly, nothing.
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    Thanks, sue

  2. leavic Says:

    When will pay me the $20 I earned?
    And how will you pay?

  3. DroN Says:

    2 leavic
    Login to orbitfiles and write to support. Payout can be made with PayPal or Egold, write your choise and details in the message.

  4. goshops Says:

    I am having a problem, same as Sue actually.

    FIX THIS!!

    I paid 20$ for a service that you aren’t providing.

  5. DroN Says:

    2 goshops:
    write to support, in the message specify the file’s link so we can see that problem is really exist.

  6. an Says:


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