Unlimited storage has come!

Please view updated post about this issue https://orbitfiles.wordpress.com/2007/07/27/new-zeus-unlimited-storage-plan-for-5month/

 New Unlimited storage Zeus plan will be $5/month 🙂


24 Responses to “Unlimited storage has come!”

  1. WAWAN Says:

    ………………????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LIKE THEIR LYRICS

  2. WAWAN Says:


  3. saifwolf Says:

    Dear Sir,
    i can understand that all will be the same only the storage will be unlimited and have to pay 9$ / Month ? and visiter can download my files as before ?

  4. goshops Says:

    For those that don’t want to go to the unlimited storage, is there still an option for 70gigs a month at 20$/year?

  5. orbitfiles Says:

    Nope, all Zeus plans will be upgraded August 1st, we will eliminate the 70gigs plan.

    Saifwolf, Zeus members can upload larger file sizes as well, there are no ads, there is direct downloading, no landing page and soon there will be coming some new features available only for Zeus members.

    Orbitfiles Team

  6. goshops Says:

    I don’t want to pay 108$/year, I was content with the 20$/year and having 70GB

    Can’t you make a new tier, and have that as an option?

  7. saifwolf Says:

    ok Sir,
    i am happy for your service, and ready for it, but i am asking one question, still i can share my files ? and still visitors can download my files from my blog with unlimited bandwidth (as before) ?

  8. DroN Says:

    2 saifwolf:
    Off course, no disadvantages in compare with 70gigs plan. Moreover, visitors can download your files with unlimited bandwidth from your blogs without difference what plan do you use, Platon or Zeus. Both plans allow to provide visitors with traffic if you want to give direct links everyone of them, Zeus is cheaper.

  9. Sue Says:

    WOW – this is a sudden jump of 5x the cost. From $20 a year to over $100!!

  10. Angie Says:

    i don’t think it’s fair for the people that already pay 20 bucks a year for a 70gig plan.. they thought it’s going to stay like that and all of a sudden you’re gonna charge them monthly now? umm.. maybe you should have more plans.. instead of just two.. i believe some people would go for the unlimited plan but for the ones that don’t need that much space.. 70gigs is still nice. that’s just my opinion though since i don’t even use up all the free one~~ but i did wanted to upgrade to the 70gig to make things easier.. but now that the price has increase.. dramatically.. i’m having second thoughts.. plus 9 bucks a month? you’re turning into all the other websites that i search on it always ranges from $3-$12 bucks a month.. i sign up with you guys cause i thought it wasn’t bad but now i’m thinking the rest got to you.

  11. goshops Says:


    I don’t need unlimited space, I highly recommend creating another plan.

    I am sure I am not the only one who feels that way. I don’t want to pay 9 a month for space i won’t even use all the way, 20 for 70 was more than enough.

  12. thomas Says:

    Yes, that’s the way a good service creates a reason for a happy customer to cancel. Definitely, I will not pay $9 a month because I really do not need the unlimited plan.

  13. GoGolfer Says:

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  14. Fabio Franco Says:

    And the Apollo user´s plan? Do I have to upgrade or not? If so I have to say I´m sorry. I don´t need that much space. I think I´ll have to go back to free acount and It´s a pitty you are going to loose many clients.

  15. Sue Says:

    It really is rotten of you to do this.
    But you know, I wouldn’t mind that much if the quality was still good. When I first joined I could upload as many files at a time that I wanted. Now I can only do 1 at a time and 50% of the time the program freezes and I have to re-do it.
    What’s up with that?

    Also, I have 2 accounts for my 2 separate sites. I haven’t been able to get the second one to work for almost 2 months and have gotten no answer to my emails.

    This used to be one of the best hosting sites anywhere, I am afraid I can’t say that anymore.

  16. sudhagar Says:

    i use to read java books

  17. Carlo Says:

    Salve, io mi sono abbonato con Orbitfiles.com a novembre scorso. A volte il servizio è lento nel caricamente dei file, ma in generale può andare bene… per 20$ all’anno SI, ma per 9$ al mese è davvero troppo, anche perchè anche a me, come ad altri, bastano 71GB. Ma per noi che abbiamo sottoscritto abbonamento tempo fa, non è obbligatorio aderire alla nuova proposta, vero? Ma non è che avvene il passaggio automatico, con detrazione senza preavviso dal mio conto paypal, al nuovo abbonamento?
    Possiamo cancellarci quando vogliamo secondo voi, se le condizioni non ci vanno più bene? Grazie e mi farebbe piacere se mi rassicuraste in questo senso. Scusate per il mio inglese, Carlo!

  18. Carlo! Says:

    Hi, I have subscribed with Orbitfiles.com in last November. At times the service is slow loadedly in the of the files, but in general you/he/she can be all right… for 20 $ a year Him, but for 9 $ a month it is too much indeed, also because also to me, as to others, 71GB are enough. But for us that we have undersigned a long time ago subscription, it is not obligatory to stick to the new proposal, true? But it is not that avvene the automatic passage, with deduction without warning from my account paypal, to the new subscription?
    Can we cancel us when we want according to you, if conditions are not all right us? Thanks and it would be a pleasure for me if you reassured me in this sense. Excuse for my English Charles!

  19. carmelo joya Says:

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  20. Maswied Says:

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