New Hercules is ready

Hello everyone,

We have completed development of new Hercules Uploader. Updating will be made in 2 phases. First phase will include all functions apart from automated back ups and synch. In the next 5 days or so we expect to have completed development of these features too.

We will make another posting once it is ready for download as we configure some last issues.

Thank you for being patient all this time

Orbitfiles Team


9 Responses to “New Hercules is ready”

  1. czytamksiazki Says:

    So, when is the Hercules coming? Maybe you could release version with limited options that just allows us to upload folders and files? Some are really waiting for that…

  2. thomas Says:


    Especially, since the old Hercules fails to connect “connection error” these days.

  3. DroN Says:

    It is coming to release, will be ready in 1-2 hours. There are incompatibility with old Hercules therefore it is down now.

  4. simon dekker Says:

    the new hercules may look great and though it’s faster it keeps having problems connecting to the server during uploading.

    problems on line 81 it says rule no5

    that means for me I can’t use the uploader for batch uploading files and that is not good.

    I believe in orbitfiles effords to make the site a great place for uploading and sharing stuff.

    hope you find the solution for my problem on uploading .. and maybe people have sad it allready .. enable FTP on your server instead of taking all the time and testing and developing the upload tool.

    I can’t believe FTP would be that hard to enable on a MySOLQ server.

  5. DroN Says:

    2 simon:
    We know about “problems on line 81” issue. Working on it. As for FTP, there is no easy way to “just enable it” cause files are stored safely with special encoding. However our research lab keep ftp-feature in mind.

  6. Jbray Says:

    I can never upload large files (10MB+) it times out. It hasnt worked in months

  7. anthony Says:

    Ftp would be a great feature to add to orbitfiles. I await a release note for these 🙂

  8. Old_santa Says:

    The link “” to download herculssetup is don’t work.

  9. nsgs Says:

    the link for Hercules just gives me this



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