Hello everyone,

First of all i would like to apologize to everyone for getting a little late back to your support inquiries. We are very busy the last few weeks preparing Relaunch 🙂

The way you manage your files will change entirely, more user friendly and few more features for you such as : Website redesign, Automated backups with Hercules and Orbitfiles Flashplayer

We are preparing a files widget as well so you can display all your files at blogs, forums and websites.

We expect to relaunch sometime next week, but there will be a day notice because some functions may be dissabled for few hours.


Orbitfiles Team


11 Responses to “Relaunching”

  1. simon dekker Says:

    first of all great news and many thanks for your great service.

    stil I hope to see problems with uploading larger files disappear so I finaly can use orbit for backing up files during nighttime.

    there are too many bugs at this moment with uploading through hercules , I often get a line 81 error (I guess this happens when servers are too busy)

    Hope this will be over after the side changes.

  2. Santhosh Says:

    I can traslate in Tamil. I am pleasure to transulate it. i am waiting towards the reply.

  3. warrenized Says:

    I can do some simple translations in Spanish and French. Please contact me soon. I want the unlimited storage account.

    Thank you for your time and consideration,

  4. MISH6 Says:


  5. sue Says:

    I can not get to my storage at all, there is no tab to even click.
    What is going on this time?

  6. sue Says:

    I tried to send you this email to support, but it doesn’t work either!!!

    When I log on, the tab to go to my storage page does not come up, neither does the tab to go to my account. I know I am paid up for 6 months, and I haven’t received an email. But I can’t access the account to make sure anyway.

    I need to get to my storage page to get to my files. Oh, also, my downloads don’t work either.

    Please help,
    Thank you, Susan Watson

  7. orbitfiles Says:


    By this morning there was not a problem. Not being able to see the tab is explorer issue.

    Please be patient few more hours and i will check your account once more.


  8. $tackz Says:

    Nah u cant get like me, Im Soulja Boy!

  9. sue Says:

    It all seems ok now ~ Thanks 🙂

  10. misterpinoy Says:

    Any update? Can’t wait come on!!!

  11. jim meunt Says:

    Premium orbit accounts are awesome. Here is a site that tells you how to quickly make money to afford an orbit premium. It worked for me, so hurry up and get your free account!

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