Site updates prior to relaunch…

Hello everyone,

Today has been a little difficult day for all of us, espcially you that are using the service but you will be paid off, be sure for that 🙂

Today will be the finall system update so we complete service relaunch sometime in the first week of November, we have added another 22 servers ready to be loaded with your files. Total servers on our network are 44, pretty good if we think back when we started with a just 1 server.

We expect to complete system update in the next 7-8 hours from now, we know it is long but we cannot do otherwise, just be patient few more hours.

Another important corporate update is that Hercules Backup software will soon be available via and a major US Retail outlet, we will let you know about that once it is finalized.

Regards and thanks for supporting us

Orbitfiles Team


43 Responses to “Site updates prior to relaunch…”

  1. Odysseas Says:

    thx thx thx

  2. pimh Says:


  3. Afghano Says:

    So will be now download and upload limit launched?
    Because i dont want them =(

  4. mizzo Says:


  5. jayr Says:


  6. amoor Says:


  7. 1desmond Says:


  8. 1desmond Says:


  9. nmr Says:


  10. jose carlos Says:

    muito bom

  11. hd Says:


  12. T2 Says:


  13. iq Says:

    Allright.. yeahh..

  14. abdallah saeed Says:


  15. Theodorus Says:

    Hartelijk dank je wel

  16. m_abdelshafy Says:


  17. SlisheR Says:

    That’s some good news.
    We all hope this hoster will be faster then it ever was.

  18. baher Says:


  19. baher Says:

    thanks man keep up

  20. erl Says:


  21. Saif Says:

    Thank you very much. you are the best.

  22. Enrique Says:

    excelente man

  23. sasa Says:


  24. haihung0102 Says:


  25. bosy Says:


  26. Diego Says:


  27. يبيسبيس Says:


  28. يبيسبيس Says:


  29. bosy Says:


  30. agustin Says:

    reallly good

  31. $tackz Says:

    Yo brah that aint cool! I mean yall trippin in this hizzle joint man! WTF dawg!

  32. guy Says:


  33. Robert Taylor Says:

    Other than Hercules being Buggy, the site already has the best interface I have seen. I can’t wait!!!


  34. peter Says:


  35. kemo840 Says:


  36. kemo840 Says:


  37. kkhk Says:


  38. tobias Says:

    tobias. ik weet waaarom jij zo vreemd doet en dit is en manier om jou te laten zien dat ik je door heb.

  39. liz Says:


  40. Sun Says:

    Sounds hot

  41. Syllabus Says:

    Just w8ing, orbitfiles is the best !


  42. Ed Says:

    I just realized that you guys are posting porn advertising in my storage area. Although I’m thankful for the free space, I think that defeats the purpose of having a free storage area. I understand the need for advertising, but I wish you were more selective before allowing that kind of advertising in someone’s storage area without notifying their owners. My site is an educational one (a digital library), an attempt to make internet resources more easily available, especially for people who lack access to a good library. Having that kind of advertising in an educational site is simply unnacceptable.

  43. jim meunt Says:

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