10 mins downtime

Hello everyone,

Expect 10 mins downtime, we are mounting old servers to new ones so we complete relaunch. We have been fighting with some very persistent bugs the last few days. New site will be optimized for IE7, we have fixed most of the bugs on IE6 but still there maybe few.


Orbitfiles Team


7 Responses to “10 mins downtime”

  1. Sharon Says:


    Next time, please point your DNS to this site before the date you intend to do updates. It was very embarrassing sending links to this site for a business proposal and there was no site available and no information on orbitfiles.com whatsoever. Thank you.

  2. davidson Says:

    mto foda

  3. davidson Says:


  4. valerie Says:

    i can’t get my download i bought your site keeps saying relaunching this will take 10 minutes ?????????????????????????????

  5. bonita Says:

    thanks a lot!!

  6. Diego Says:


  7. Miller Says:

    If I fail to download the file, I want a free redownload, don’t u think?

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