Hello everyone,

2 months of complete recoding has come to a good ending 🙂 please be patient as we upload 2.0

Regards, Team


29 Responses to “Relaunching…”

  1. wiendy Says:


  2. digired Says:


  3. aviv468 Says:


  4. aviv468 Says:


  5. extrapreneur Says:

    check out my blog at

  6. cuong Says:


  7. prutonyum Says:

    hey, how long do u think it’ll take?

    i know patience is a virtue, but i uploaded stuff for school onto my account, and i need to get it!

    but i hope OF 2.0 is kick ass as i know it will be!

  8. dpsethi Says:

    Excellent service..Thanks for your website.

  9. ric Says:

    wow cool !! I wait with impatience!!!!!

  10. May Says:

    Hi there! Thanx for this improvement that you’re doing! I just wanted to know when our files will be back to normal.

  11. ITZIK Says:


  12. Anita Says:


  13. Niyaz PK Says:

    🙂 hi hi

  14. Raph Says:

    Orbit’s been really slow these days.

  15. www Says:

    How long still should I wait to upload files and download files I had uploaded before ?

  16. CDBZ Says:

    Awesome news. Hope its done soon.

  17. caleb Says:


  18. syeed Says:

    dream comes true
    warm regards………

  19. schizo Says:

    wen this will be over…i’ve waiting for so many days!!!i need to dload stuffs for my exam…plz get it done within a day or two!!!!!!!!!

  20. aravind Says:

    its very nice to hear about new new v 2.o

  21. progshine Says:

    just hope everything come back in the place they are

  22. wtf! Says:

    When it will be uploaded it has been almost a day since it is not working?

  23. Orbiter Says:

    Please make it work as soon as possible ~~~! Thanks !!

  24. Ajay Says:

    I think this Process is taking to long Time.Hope things have be Tested Before it come on live server. Thanks for your Efforeds…..
    Best luck For Your launch of 2.0 version…

  25. Bilal Says:

    Very Good Boys, Keep It Up.

  26. Jason Says:

    Some kind of warning would have been nice! I have lost an account because I could not get to the files!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Del Says:

    How long has orbitfiles been down???????????

  28. floder2 Says:

    TOO Long

  29. manoj Says:

    wow.. this is so nice now… thank you very much.. its working.. nicely.. and become some faster too…

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