New Policy for Free members…

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since our last post, we apologize for that, we have actually restructured alot, now site works very fast and we have manage to kick our users who abuse the service.

We want to let you know that more changes will be on the way, more features for Zeus Members are coming, eventually the much anticipated automated backups from hercules are also coming out soon.

FREE members must login at their account at least once a month. INACTIVE ACCOUNTS’ files for at least 1 month, will be deleted. Simply, use your account at least once a month or your files will be deleted, your account will still be active however. We need to clear the servers from inactive accounts and allow more space for the loyal users.

Deadline is June 30th, any files from inactive accounts will be deleted at that date.


Orbitfiles Team


10 Responses to “New Policy for Free members…”

  1. veeDee-Eyes Says:

    Great site!
    I was wonderng if it was possible to restrict my downloads to members ?


  2. Vinod Says:

    Hi There..!

    Here is Good News..! I received all the support from Orbit Files Team.

    Thanks To Orbit Files Ltd.

  3. Mori Says:

    Deleting files after one month of no-login is pretty stupid… Come on, at least add file downloading that would reset the counter: if someone downloads file, it would reset the clock for the file’s owner account.

  4. Orbitfiles Says:

    Dont fly into a passion, nobody will delete your active files. As you can see no repressions applied yet because of some problems were with paypal integration. And, Mori, it will be like you said, ONLY files forgiven (nobody requests them) will be moved to quarantine and then deleted.

  5. kent Says:

    access problems!

    i’m worried about hitting that one month barrier as for about the last week or so when I try logging in I get this error message.

    1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘) AND state != ‘inactive’ HAVING priority <= 2 ORDER BY code, inlang DESC, prio’ at line 10

    has anyone else received this error message? i dont know where else to say this.

  6. Some Beau Says:

    I’m intrigued by the ‘sign in every month or your stuff gets deleted’ thing, I don’t remember seeing that when I signed up for a free account (did I miss something in the terms..?) Granted, I understand the need to purge inactive accounts, but every month? Hmm, anyway I hope I can manage to remember to sign in.

  7. Some Beau Says:

    Actually having spent the last 10 minutes skimming through the terms of service etc, I can only find info about the 30-day sign in within the frequently asked questions page. Surely this should be made clear when signing up, within the TOS and even on the front page as a disclaimer?

  8. Mori Says:

    Jeff, you’re for real? 14 days of file inactivity limit… Whoa, that’s even worse than Rapidshare.

    Oh, after looking @ the link in your nickname I understood. If I’d be an owner of some service I’d definately use it myself too! And wow, you’ve got 7 files hosted already! That’s amazing! I just hope allows such a service on their shared hosting accounts…


  9. liz Says:

    I have tried to get ahold of the Orbitfiles tech group, but they dont return contact. I want to pay for my account and get my files. You do not leave me a way to pay. HELP!

  10. Says:

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