Relaunch complete.

Orbitfiles online! Thanks all for your patience. Please report us about any issues with 2.0 version in our forum


71 Responses to “Relaunch complete.”

  1. floder2 Says:

    can’t get into my account.. if I use the public access to the account
    it does not show the files I have in my account Why?

  2. annamjc Says:

    the same happens to me. I can log in, but can’t see or manage to get into any of my files

  3. orbitfiles Says:

    provide us with your ID’s or logins through support page

  4. corz Says:

    there is display problem in firefox.(my english is simple) -_-|||

  5. orbitfiles Says:

    Please give us more information, we are not telepathists yet 🙂

  6. disgusted Says:

    Why are there now porn videos on the site’s home page? It’s disgusting and totally unprofessional.

    The site doesn’t load properly with Firefox. Can we please have the old format back, the new one stinks.

  7. orbitfiles Says:

    There was a complete service relaunch and we had to filter files and all, now is fine. As for firefox loading issues, please do a screenshot and let us know, it works fine here

  8. orbitfiles Says:

    Try upgrading to firefox latest version and should be fine, we just tested it

  9. corz Says:

    This is a screenshot of the firefox:
    The AD should be at the right side of the page, but now it is at the left. I couldn’t click the “upload file” button.

  10. therompalace Says:

    love the new interface. i have no problems loading as the others above. But why are there p0rn pics on the main page? can you please get rid of that.

  11. corz Says:

    I have finded the reason of the problem. It is caused by some extensions.
    Adblock Plus; Flashblock; ImgLikeOpera 0.6.15; Remove It Permanently
    each of the four extensions can cause the problem above.
    when I forbid all of these extensions, the page is became normal.
    but these extensions are usable, I don’t want to forbid them.
    (the firefox version is, should no problem)

  12. Jerry Says:

    I noticed the MOBILE link is disabled. Is that being worked on?

  13. assd Says:

    why i get the msg “File has been deleted” when i press download link for the file,and file is uploaded and everything is ok with it?

  14. Sue Says:

    IT’s beautiful!!!
    And it works great for me!!

  15. chris Says:

    I have upgraded my account to the $5 option, but now when I add any new files and try to download them again, I get the message ‘File Has Been Deleted’ and nothing works.

    Please help as I now cannot access the files I have listed

  16. corz Says:

    i get the msg “File has been deleted”, too

  17. Rafael Says:

    Why am I having problems uploading files? When I try to upload a file with Hercules I receive the msg : Upload Failed(Update). Could you help me please!!??

  18. Ashrufzz Says:

    Awesome new layout there! Loved it.

  19. Ropesend Says:

    The older Orbitfiles Graphical interface worked for me almost all of the time, just fine, & I soon found that when it didn’t, it was time to check the latest ‘blog’ input, to see if developments were in the making, lending to a few growing pains. Thanks to heads up messages from the developing heads of Orbitfiles, I have been made aware prior to dead times to upload or download my files, &patience helped to make the time go by just fine. When the 2 to 3 daze passed before version 2.0 was up and functional,
    I was of course apprehensive that what I’d become used to using & working with would be thrown out like the ‘baby with the bath water.’

    I’ll use simple old tried and true ICQ of yonder year as an example.
    It worked so well in the beginning, but by the time AOL got their mega power teckie hands on ICQ, too many bells & whistles left me running away in disgust. Aren’t we all aware of the phrase,
    ‘If it works, Don’t fix it?’

    Would the new Orbitfiles interface mirror such similar oblivion,
    I apprehensively pondered during the wait for the new launch?
    When I finally saw the site wake up from the blog splash screen, and logged in, just like I always had, I was, and still am, a happy camper for some of the new, more pristine appearances I see. Newer-faster layouts here and there, & a more professional all-over appearance that is not at all glitsy, or over-the-top. It is a pristine work of craftsmanship, & I am truly thankful that the ease to work our files is still existant,at least for me.
    For those who are having issues, rather than be quick to gripe, ask your fellow forum folks for tips, as I have, and have always found an answer for the issue that had beset me, achieving a strong bond with the others using Orbitfiles to our advantage, on a continuum. When I have contacted Support, the replies have been timely, & responsive. Another tip I’ve used is a simple ? phrased out to Google asking what is happening re.Orbitfiles.
    This has yielded answers to my queries several times now, with success.
    I am comfortable very much so with the new interface, & hope that my other compadres find it as suitable to work with for their needs as well.
    This positive grade can most definetly be irritating to those who have been beset with issues, I am in full realization of this factor. This is why I have shared the methods I have found to be productive regarding finding fixes.
    To the Orbitfile core staff,& all involved in the new metamorphosis, hats-off
    to you for a quality online storage experience that will gratify many users.
    December 2,2007

  20. Mayra Says:

    Hello! I liked very much the new design of Orbit files! The interface is great! But I’m not being able to upload lately… And downloads are breaking before they’re finished. It seems that the server is a little slow too.. Can you fix this problem, please?


  21. Dwight B Says:

    I’ve tried the last couple of versions of Hercules, but I don’t see how to go to a network folder to upload to OrbitFiles. It give me options to C:/ and e:/ on my cpu, but not to other cpu’s on my network where the master files are that I’d like to upload.

    Am I missing something? – or do I have to copy to C:/ to upload?

  22. steven Says:

    When I have a look at my public page, I see a lot of old files that I don’t see under ‘My Storage’ when I’m logged in. These are all files I once deleted, but now I cannot delete them any more since they are no longer shown in the ‘my storage’ folder or any sub-folder.
    Could you please tell me how to delete these files for ever?

  23. mobilarious Says:

    customer services is just amazing on this site, a lot of people having troubles but nobody bothers to answer them, that is a very good way of making business!!!

  24. Slave Says:

    Nice. Not only it looks better, but it works better too. With the old Orbitfiles sometimes there were problems uploading, now it’s working flawlessly. The only thing I don’t like is the login, with the pop-up login window. It’s an extra click. I’m serious, the old way of loging in right on the home page was much better.

  25. Divilin Says:

    Дроша!!!! Ты самый лучший и умный!!!

  26. Eduardo Says:

    Dude, where are my files??? When someone tries to download some of my files, they get a “file deleted” message. I haven’t deleted anything. Have you? If so, WHY? A response (any response) from you guys would be nice for a change.

  27. jaromani Says:

    I have the same problem. I thought the “file deleted” message showed because I reached the monthly 20 gb free data transfer value seen on “Plans” page, but this page also says that the files are still available for sharing over 20 gb, but at slower download speeds.
    I have found a “Statistics” page on “My Account”, it says I’m not over the 20 gb value. So I don’t understand why we get this “filedeleted” thing.

    Maybe the bandwidth limitation started in the days and the code has bugs, not tested fully.

  28. jaromani Says:

    The files are not deleted, you can download them with your own user. If not works, try to get the Private link in the Sharing settings. But don’t share the Private link with others, because by that you give full access to your account.

  29. Eduardo Says:

    Thanks, jaromani. I figured I can download my own files by logging into my account, but that defeats the purpose of my site, which is file sharing. I would appreciate it if we could get a response from the Orbitfiles crew on this. I wrote them about such problems before, to no avail…

  30. Jim Isbell Says:

    I signed up and then was presented with a sign in screen. I entered the name and password and clicked on Login. I was presented with the same screen again. Its a loop. I am using Firefox, the latest release.

  31. Sue Says:

    I have left posts on the forum – I have emailed you.
    Why am I not getting an answer???!!!

    If I look in my storage, all my files are still there and I can click on them to open. Yet when someone on my site tries to download one, it says “file deleted”

    What the hell is that?? I’m sorry to get angry, but I have been putting up with this for a long time. Why am I getting no word from you??????

  32. RGV Says:

    What the h*** is going on?

    my files are still there when I check in storage

    but the links provided do not allow access by other parties to the files and shows “files deleted”

    In addition, I signed up for a service that was a one-time fee and now it says that I signed up for a $5/month service…

    Seriously, what is going on here?

  33. RGV Says:

    and now the system is not even letting me log in?

    seriously, again

    what is going on here?

  34. maymuniz Says:

    Hi, it happened the same to me, almost all my files are “deleted”, but when I’m logged in they’re downloading as usual. My files are not Illegal, why were they deleted?? O.o

  35. Ludmilla Vieira Says:

    Hello! My friend May told me you’ve sent her an e-mail about the files problem. We work at the same webpage. Can you fix my files too, please? Thanx

  36. Mayanne Muniz Says:

    Hi there! I’m May’s sister and I also work with her and Ludmilla at My files are not working as well. Hope you can help us :)… bye

  37. Lea Says: is off-line! what’s goin’on??

  38. Ludmilla Says:

    Thank you so much for fixing my files! They’re working again!

  39. Alex Says:

    Greate Services !,Thanks for these greate services !

  40. Mayanne Muniz Says:

    Hi there! My videos are back to normal!! Many thanks!

  41. RGV Says:

    my problems have been fixed


  42. RGV Says:

    why does it say:

    “Session has been expired”

    when an orbitfiles link to one of the storage documents is clicked?

  43. Alberto Says:

    I can’t upload here!

  44. karima said Says:

    hello, i do not know what’s happening but i can’t upload my archives on orbitfiles.. am i doing something wrong or the problem is with the server? thank you.

  45. D Says:

    orbitfiles stinks.

  46. RGV Says:


    why does it say:

    “Session has been expired”

    when an orbitfiles link to several of my storage documents is clicked?

  47. RGV Says:

    the above is my second request on the same subject in the last 2 weeks…where is Obitfiles management to answer and/or fix these problems?

  48. sun Says:

    nice job but quite ugly

  49. Orbitfiles stuff Says:

    Working on it, will be fixed today.

  50. me Says:

    something wrong with the server, I ca’t even log in..

  51. Sue Says:

    Ok, all that other mess is over but now whenever anyone tries to download a file it says bandwidth exceeded!! With a Zeus account?? Since when?

    But ok, you changed crap again, so I buy what it tells me to (2 days ago), and yet, I still get that and no files can be accessed!!

    COME ON, Please take care of business here.

  52. t3322stc Says:

    I already purchased “Buy traffic” and “Zeus”, but or could not use? Why “Buy does traffic” pay expenses 5 US dollars to request to pay expenses 3 US dollars again? This is the fearful website!

  53. t3322stc Says:

    “Bandwidth exceeded, download is not more allowed in this month. However a file owner can buy traffic to enable downloading.”

    Any website has not used this way, this will be not the good result!

  54. Orbitfiles staff Says:

    2 t3322stc
    You have almost 1 Terrabytes(!) of traffic this month. There is no any website gives you so much traffic for just 5$ per month. Zeus means unlimited for owner, not gor all his friends and guests.

  55. t3322stc Says:

    The website explains, “** If bandwidth exceeded files will still be available but at lower downloading speeds”, but now I must pay 50 US dollars only then to be allowed to achieve the standard, that is a fearful number!

  56. t3322stc Says:

    My miscalculation! This month Downloaded 270.75 Gb, not only 50 US dollars. I must disburse the expense to be also more expensive than VSP, I gave up!

  57. Orbitfiles staff Says:

    we will investigate your situation asap

  58. Sue Says:

    Mine to please. I am getting the same message.

  59. Sue Says:

    actually, on this page it says ALL things are unlimited.

    Bandwidth included.

  60. Sue Says:


  61. t3322stc Says:

    I in was short three days to spend 16 US dollars, moreover also spent 3 US dollars in a hour. I want to save me the file, actually cannot own establish stops sharing, this is painful lesson, wilfully changes the website specification the website, is unworthy the praise!

  62. t3322stc Says:

    On infinite passes on the space actually to limit downloading, the material puts simply on here does not have the use! Because limit downloading does not have the means to take takes the material!

  63. t3322stc Says:

    Root >xxx> xxx.wmv clicks on “disable share” not to play the role! When I pay expenses, does not have the means to stop sharing! After period of time, my 1G Bandwidth has used up, this formula BUG, causes me to waste many money!

  64. jayhawk_93 Says:

    Love the site and the interface. However, I have a problem with my public page where no matter what I do it redirects with the parameter tag=September which displays an “Invalid Request” error. How can I resolve this?

  65. nosralr Says:

    Say, the new rules are that we have to sign in once a month. Okay. Does using Hercules count? Or do I have to go to the website and sign in?

  66. Larry R. Says:

    What seems to be the problem!!!!!!!!!!! I can NOT get to my files!!!!! Was working fine until orfiles tried to update thier web site. Maybe you don’t know what your doing and this online storage of yours is not what you claim it to be.

  67. keydish Says:

    When people go to my storage site they see the files but when they clivk on to
    download a new page opens and say direct download link but clicking that does nothing
    The public can’t download my files ..if I log in it works fine…but I don’t want
    the public to login to my account.I paid for the service and bought bandwitdth…did not help………PLEASE HELP…… the way how can I change my e-maill address in the settings…

  68. palimadra Says:

    The website looks good and works perfectly for me. Keep up the good work!

  69. Maureen Says:

    Hi… doubt you’ll get this either, but here goes.

    I’ve been paying you monthly for my Zeus account. Used Hercules Backup to backup my files… although it shows my directory tree, there are no files in any of the folders!!!! I’ve been trying for months to get a response from you people. What’s going on???? Can’t send an email… ‘badly formed Json string’ – can’t get to your blog, or forum “problem loading page” “error timed out”…. Please respond to me. I really need your service and i’m tired of paying you for nothing. Thank you.

  70. JedoNofepem Says:

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    4)сколько в среднем стоит вход на пляж и всякие там лежаки-зонтики?

  71. Waltraud Dono Says:

    Hello.This post was really interesting, especially because Iwas investigating for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.

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